Notable Web offers Total Internet Solutions with a personal touch.

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We offer customized web hosting plans to meet your specific needs.

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Our Search Engine Optimization ensures that potential clients find your website organically.

The Notable Web mission starts with a commitment to customer service and personalized support.

Darrin Keaton, Founder

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A few words about Notable Web

A real person handles your every interaction with Notable Web. No auto attendants, no sitting on hold, no button pushing. You always deal with real people, who really care about the success of your business. Clients can rely upon our experienced support professionals to provide outstanding service and support.

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Our 25 Year history

Notable Web ...

Notable Web was the brainchild of Darrin Keaton and his Uncle Stan. The main objective of the business was to create appealing websites for large and small corporations. The goal was to keep it as simple as possible for visitors visiting our clients' websites. With Darrin's years of experience with computers, networks, programming, and customer service, this was the perfect place to be.

Search Engines Optimization...

We found that people were increasingly using search engines to find specific answers or solutions to their needs. We created a Search Engine Optimization service that ensured that potential clients find our clients' website when searching for products or services that match their offerings. In 2002, with our continued growth, Notable Web Page Design became Notable Web, Inc.

Security Services...

With the ever increasing online security risks, Notable Web expanded Website Security Services. Our company was receiving increased support requests from businesses that were hosted by other hosting companies. These other hosting companies were unable to provide them with the necessary security services to resolve their security issues. We provide security services to businesses that are hosted on Notable Web, Inc. servers as well as other hosted locations.

Work From Home, Stay Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our day-to-day lives in many ways. With so many people working from home, there has been a significant increase in online searching and shopping. With this increase in online activity, we are focusing on SEO, Security and online shopping services to meet the needs of our clients.

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